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2017 Wheaton Village Muster Trophy Winners

77 Apparatus Attended

Oldest Apparatus - Upland Fire Co., 1790 Mason hand pumper

Oldest Motorized Apparatus - Niagara Fire Co. , 1916 Ford model T

Longest Distance Traveled - George Mills, Raleigh, NC, 1920 Am. LaFrance

Longest Distance Driven - Malden Miller Hampsted, MD 1968 Hahn

Barrel Fight -
     1st Place: Upland Fire Co. Team B
     2nd Place: Upland Ladies Team
     3rd Place: Clayton B Team

Bucket Brigade -
     1st Place: Upland Fire Co. Team B
     2nd Place: Clayton A team
     3rd Place: Upland Ladies Team

Best Appearing Hand or Horse Drawn -
     1st Place: Upland Fire Co. 1 1906 Wirt & Knox
     2nd Place: Michaek Wharton 1900 Anerican La France

Best Appearing at Draft Jim Miller Memorial -
     First-Keith Kemery , 1977 Mack/ KME
     2nd Place: Second - West Cape May Fire Co., 1921 Ford "T" Hale

Privately Owned

1910 - 1939 Jack Fisher Memorial -
     1st Place: Mike & Diana Denbar, 1929 American LaFrance
     2nd Place: George Mills, 1920 American LaFrance

1940's Richard Gardner Memorial -
     1st Place: John Hoffman, 1948 American LaFrance
     2nd Place: Wes Howe, 1941, Mack

1950's William Proudman Memorial -
     1st Place: Jacoby Family, 1954 Mack
     1st Place: Paul Boegmann, 1954 International Oren

1960's Archibald Carlson Memorial -
     1st Place: Malden Miller, 1968 Hahn
     2nd Place: George Hoff, 1962 International Hahn

1970's -
     1st Place: Ryan Williams, 1979 Hahn
     2nd Place: John Hoffman, 1979 Hahn

1980-1992 -
     1st Place: Fran Mitchell, 1986 Mack
     2nd Place: William Kinder, 1981 Pem Fab

Fire Company Owned

1910-1939 -
     1st Place: Niagara Fire Co., 1916 Model T Chemical
     1st Place: Manahawkin Fire Co., 1924 Hale

1940's Hobbie Grant Memorial -
     1st Place: Manhassett-Lakeville Fire Co., 1948 Ward LaFrance
     2nd Place: Glassboro Fire Dept. 1945 Seagrave

1950's -
     1st Place: Radnor Fire Co., 1954 Mack
     2nd Place: Lanka Harbor Fire CO., 1957, Ford Great Eastern

1960's Ed and Emma Reid Memorial -
     1st Place: Highland Fire Co., 1960 International
     2nd Place: Union Fire Co., 1964 Mack C96

1970's Chet Drummond Memorial -
     1st Place: Billingsport Fire Assoc. 1960 Mack
     2nd Place: Port Norris Fire Co., 1971 Imperial

1980-1992 -
     1st Place: First-Farmington V.F.C, 1991 Pierce Lance
     2nd Place: East Vineland Fire Co., 1991 Pierce

Best Appearing Brush Truck or Mini Pumper -
     1st Place: Fran Cheney-1974 , International Pierce

Best Appearing Support Vehicle -
     1st Place: Tom & Debbie Herman; 1929 White, shop build

Best Appearing Ladder -
     1st Place: Bob Hoffman; 1922 American Lafrance

Chief Engineer's Award -
Diana & Dan Ford

Participants Favorite Senior Class -
Fran Chaney, 1975 International Pierce

VFIS Insurance Best Appearing NJ Fire Company -
Willow Grove Fire CO. 1989 Pierce Lance

Wheaton Village Best Appearing Hand or Horse Drawn Apparatus -
Upland Fire Co. 1, 1870 Mason & Son

Nancy Howe / Wheaton Village Best of Show Award -
George Myers, 1949 Seagrave