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2023 Wheaton Village Muster Trophy Winners

Oldest Non Motorized Apparatus: Uplan Fire Company #1, 1790 Mason and Son Hand Pumper

Oldest Motorized Apparatus: Niagara Fire Company 1916 Ford / American LaFrance

Longest Distance Driven: Heather Gregor from Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, 1981 Pierce Arrow Pumper

Longest Distance Trucked: Alert Engine, Hook and Ladder & Hose Company #1, Great Neck, New York 1947 American LaFrance<

Best Appearing Hand or Horse DrawnMichael Wharton, 1890 American Hose Reel

Best Appearing at Draft: Jim Miller Memorial
     1st Place: Keith Kemery 1977 KME
     2nd Place: 2nd Place Pine Hill Fire Dept. 1972 Hahn

Privately Owned

1910-1939 Jack Fisher Memorial: No Entries

1940's Richard Gardner Memorial
     1st Place: Piper Family 1946 Ford / Oren
     2nd Place: John Hoffman 1948 American LaFrance

1950's William Proudman Memorial
     1st Place Gregory Hoff 1962 International / Hahnce Kyle Hinkle 1950 Mack
     2nd Place: Keith Kemery 1959 GMC

1960's Archibald Carlson Memorial     1st Place: Gregory Hoff 1962 International / Hahn

1970's Newtown Antique Fire Association Memorial
     1st Place: Joel Bain 1976 Maxim
     2nd Place: Scott Sefton 1979 Hahn

     1st Place: William Shorshek 1986 Ford / Pierce
     2nd Place: Doug Graf 1986 Hahn

Fire Company Owned

     1st Place: Port Norris Fire Company 1936 Diamond T / Pirsch
     2nd Place: South Vineland Fire Company 1931 White / Buffalo

1940's Hobie Grant Award
     1st Place: Alert Engine, Hook and Ladder & Hose Company #1 1946 American LaFrance

     1st Place: Rio Grande Fire Company 1950 Mack

1960's Ed and Emma Reid Memorial
     1st Place: Highland Fire Company 1980 International

1970's Chet Drummond Memorial
     1st Place: Pine Hill Fire Department 1972 Hahn
     2nd Place: Port Norris Fire Company 1971 Imperial

     1st Place: Farmington Volunteer Fire Company 1991 Pierce / Lance
     2nd Place: Whitman Square Fire Company 1981 American LaFrance

Best Appearing Brush Truck or Mini Pumper
     1st Place: John Fricano 1981 Chevy Brush Truck

Best Appearing Ambulance / Rescue
     1st Place:NJ Fire Museum 1986 International Harvester / Rescue

Best Appearing Aerial Apparatus
     1st Place: Mark Vanselous 1951 Seagrave

Lee Eichinger Best Appearing Support Vehicle
     1st Place:Morganville Fire Department 1990 Mack / Tanker
     2nd Place: Frank Weindel 1963 Ford / Chief’s Car

Whitey Swartz Memorial Chief Engineer's Award -
      Port Norris Fire Company 1936 Diamond T / Pirsch

Participants Favorite Senior Class
Robert Miller 1976 Maxim

Special President Awards
     #1: Leesburg Fire Company for providing a water source for the Kids Games
     #2: Whiteman Square Fire Company for their 1981 American LaFrance
     #3: John Croce for his 1988 Pierce
     #4: Paul Sandrock for his 1959 Ford /Great Eastern

VFIS Insurance Best Appearing NJ Fire Company
Niagara Fire Company 1916 Ford / American LaFrance

Wheaton Village Best Appearing Hand or Horse Drawn Apparatus (GlassPaper Weight)
Upland Fire Company #1 1790 Mason & Son

Nancy Howe / Wheaton Village Best of Show Award (Glass Speaker Trumpet)